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Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation

Preliminary Application Comments

 On behalf of myself , and CORVA, I would like to support the Ground Operations and Law Enforcements Grant Applications from the Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department.

Metcalf OHV Park is an important urban OHV park that illustrates how well-planned, smaller OHV parks located within urban or suburban areas can supply important and needed OHV opportunities in the Sate of California. Other counties should take a lesson from Santa Clara in both the management and maintenance of Metcalf OHV Park, and work to develop similar OHV parks in their urban/suburban areas.  [Amy Granat, Northern Director, CORVA - 3/21/09]

 I am writing to express my appreciation of, and support for the Metcalf OHV park, and to urge your support for grants or funding for it.

One of the primary factors in my decision to start riding off-road motorcycles, was the access to the great facility that Metcalf is.  I am fortunate to live only 6 miles from the park, making it an easy decision to go, and allowing us to go there even on some weekday evenings. After visiting the park a couple of times with my 7 year old son, I decided to get back into this great sport, and to let my son start what I hope is a long-lived interest. Over a year later we're still going strong, and in fact it's my son's first-choice destination.

During the spring, summer, and fall we go riding there between 1 and 3 times a month, and occasionally in the winter months. I see many families not unlike mine enjoying the park, as well as more serious riders on the track (like me 20 years ago!).

The facility is first rate. An important aspect of keeping this standard, is the never ending maintenance of the trails and common areas. The on-site staff or rangers do an outstanding job of this, in addition to their fine work and presence throughout the park. An example of the fine people on staff; Last summer we were there for an afternoon ride, when my son realized that he had forgotten his gloves at home. He went to the office, and the ranger quickly offered a loaner set, and we were riding in minutes. For my shy son to feel this comfortable is the result of the friendly atmosphere we experience when we arrive each time.

This facility provides a unique and valuable experience for a wide variety of people, and deserves grant funding, or any other means to support or promote it. [Eric Liebscher -  3/18/09]

 Off-road motorcycle riding is my hobby and I utilize the Metcalf Motorcycle Park.  I enjoy having a well-managed riding area within a reasonable driving distance from my home in Santa Clara.

I ride at Metcalf frequently, at least once per month, sometimes once every week, and occasionally more than once per week. This park is very popular and frequently the parking lot is nearly full, particularly with families.

It is important for OHV areas to be maintained. Otherwise trails become too rutted, over-used, or overgrown with vegetation. The presence of rangers is also important for safety, accountability, and to provide guidance for how best to utilize the park. A well-managed park will also help control erosion which, if excessive, could make many of the trails unusable. I wish to express my support for the continued operation and maintenance of the Metcalf Motorcycle Park. [Brian D. Mathews - 3/16/09]

 The following are my comments for OHV Grant Request, G08-03-19-G02, G08-03-19-L01, G08-03-19-S01 for Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department.

I have not found any grant requests for OHV Law Enforcement or Restoration from agencies in the greater area outside of the Metcalf park. Therefore, they must be doing a great job in providing OHV opportunity to the public. Being very close to a large urban population, the short travel distance to the park will save fuel. With the closing of the Clear Creek OHV area, Metcalf park is needed even more to provide legal and controlled OHV opportunity.

I fully support funding for these projects. Thank you for taking the time to consider my comments. [Bruce Brazil - 3/12/09]

 It's my understanding that Metcalf County OHV park will be applying for new grant dollars this year and I would like to voice how important this is to our family and local community. We have 3 life long dirt riders in our household who live just minutes from Metcalf and enjoy the park an average of 6 times per month year-round. Its important for us to have maintained trails & facilities for the safety of my younger riders.

The importance of the park go beyond just enjoying a day on the dirt, it has been a learning tool for us to teach our kids the principles of environmental responsibility. They are learning a sense of ownership in the OHV parks they ride and will be a contributing factor in helping to maintain the park into the future. Our family supports your efforts in assisting Metcalf (and other California OHV parks) to gather the required dollars necessary to run & maintain the park this year. [Joshua Coe - 3/11/09]

 I ride dirt bikes at Metcalf Motorcycle Park with my family approximately once per month. OHV recreation serves us as a great family sport, and a way to spend quality outdoor time together. I know of, and witness many others, that enjoy the park for OHV recreation as well.

In this era of fewer and fewer legal areas to enjoy OHV’s (i.e. the closure of the Clear Creek Management Area), the continued maintenance of Metcalf motorcycle park is crucial. The grant money that the State of California OHMVR department provides to the park is extremely important for the continued  maintenance of Metcalf Motorcycle Park. Without managed OHV parks like Metcalf, illegal OHV use my become more prevalent, causing far worse environmental damage.

As a result of the limited riding opportunities, Metcalf Motorcycle Park has become more and more popular. This popularity has a negative impact on the trails and tracks, such that weekly maintenance of the trails and tracks has become increasingly more important for safe operation. As part of this maintenance, new erosion control strategies will help sustain the track and trail system.

The Metcalf staff do an excellent job of providing a great facility with the limited resources they have. Please do your best to secure OHMVRA grant funds so they can continue to sustain and improve this excellent park for many to families to enjoy. [Alex Wagner-Jauregg - 3/11/09]

 I am writing in support of the State Grant that operates Metcalf Motorcycle Park.

I grew up riding dirt bikes in upstate NY in the 1970's. Last year I reentered the sport by buying two used, green sticker, bikes for my 14 year old son and myself. This has become a major bonding experience for us. We ride frequently, 2-3 times a month, at Metcalf Motorcycle Park and on the weekends that we don't ride my teenager works hard on chores to earn the right to go riding again soon!

I'm always very impressed with the large number of families and kids out at Metcalf and it is always a wonderful experience! The Rangers and staff are fantastic, helpful, concerned and engaged. The atmosphere is one of comradery with everyone looking out for the kids and each other.

The trails are well maintained and patrolled. It is truly a pleasure to ride and explore a beautiful area that is not marred by unbounded riding. The rangers insist on everyone respecting the boundaries and trail system and that keeps the impact on the environment low and also makes for a more enjoyable riding experience.

Again this grant has a very direct and positive impact on our family and our friends and we hope you will continue to support Metcalf Motorcycle Park. [David and Yonah Abkowitz - 3/10/09]

 Just a quick note to say that I have a season's pass to ride at Metcalf along with my family (10 year old son, 13 year old daughter). Maintained funding is necessary to keep the park in the great shape that it's currently maintained at and to continue the promotion of OHV usage as a great method of family bonding (especially as kids hit the teen years!). This money is well spent, especially given the ongoing pressure to close lands to OHV use - this trend needs to stop and we need to support what we already have.

Thanks for your efforts to pursue ongoing funding and please thank the Rangers at Metcalf for the excellent job they've been doing! [Jeff Holmbeck - 3/9/09]

 I'm a happy father who enjoy weekly riding at Metcalf. It was my young daughter, 9 years old, to push me to do so. I bought her a dirt bike one year ago, and she really enjoy it in Metcalf in a way that was NOT even imagined before. Part of this enthusiasm come from the Metcalf Rangers with their "Junior Ranger Program".

Metcalf is a great park managed by great people who put way more on what it should be considered their "duties". They are really an example for all the community. However, the challenges for them are a lot and clearly they look like both understaffed and underequipped to maintain all trails, tracks and riders check, too!

So, please, consider the opportunity to fund this little park appropriately, I'm sure in return, you'll have a wonderful gem to be proud of! [Lorenzo Li Bassi - 3/6/09]

 Just a quick note in support of Metcalf Motorcycle Park

It is a very critical resource from family and social perspectives and I would not like to think about the alternatives if it is unavailable.

Please keep it open even in a reduced services scenario given current financial climate.

Many of the users already volunteer to help with operations and maintenance and feel free to leverage that further if necessary [Jack Walshe - 3/6/09]

 Thank you for efforts in the proper allocation of state grant money for our recreational areas. Metcalf Motorcycle Park has become a great place for me to go and relax and reduce the stress of daily living in the bay area. I enjoy riding the track and trails with my family and friends and have often volunteered my time to help keep the trails in shape. On a typical weekend the parking lot is full of riders and people who enjoy using this park. The high demand on the resources makes the continued maintenance very important for safe and enjoyable conditions we now enjoy. I hope the state will continue to fund this park since it is an important local venue for recreation and also helps support many local small business owners. I for one would not oppose an increase in usage fees to help maintain the park. The California OHV community has recently lost thousands of acres of riding area, and more public land is subject to closure, so your continued support for this area is greatly appreciated by the Northern California OHV community. [Joel Stuckey - 3/6/09]

 My husband and I ride my dirt bike either at Hollister or Metcalf and I really enjoy riding at both parks. Metcalf is closer and easy access as well as family friendly.

The grant money definitely needed to maintain the park. I hope that Metcalf continue to be opened as many of people nearby really have enjoyed it.

The rangers are helpful and boy, they have the hardest job to make sure all dirt riders safe. [Fenny Kwan - 3/5/09]

 Mr. Elliott, my buddy and I ride Metcalf multiple times every month, year-round. We see thousands of other riders up there and many, many families. It’s important to the community’s well-being and our local economy to keep Metcalf open, the trails groomed and clean and the rangers happy and motivated.

Please do whatever you can to see that the park is fully funded again this year. [Bill Daly - 3/5/09]

 Wanted to thank you for supporting funding for Metcalf motorcycle park. This is a great venue for many reasons such as it's quality, affordability, and proximity.

Funding is important for many reasons and while more trails would be great... General maintenance of the existing system is a priority. I know dozens who volunteer at the park quite often. We hope you keep supporting the park and our efforts as well. [Mike Zeminsky - 3/5/09]

 I visit Metcalf Motorcycle Park as much as possible, typically every weekend. I live in San Jose and really enjoy the park, Metcalf as it is one of the most popular parks in the South Bay.

The grant money that the state provides to Metcalf is extremely important for the continued maintenance of Metcalf Motorcycle Park.

Due to the popularity of Metcalf, weekly maintenance of the trails and tracks are required for safe operation. In addition erosion control has to be addressed as a way to insure sustainable use.

The Rangers at Metcalf are wonderful and do a great job. So the money from this grant is money well spent. [Rich Olson, P.E. - 3/5/09]