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American Desert Foundation

Preliminary Application Comments

 I have reviewed the American Desert Foundation grant request to the Calif OHV division of State Parks and would like to comment on behalf of CORVA.

This grant intends to provide much needed education and services for the users of the BLM ISDRA. I hope that this grant can be funded in full so that all aspects of this grant can be realized to protect both the users of the desert as well as the desert environment. [Ed Stovin - 3/25/09]

 Link to comments from Charla Teeters, UDG-Project Manager - 3/23/09.

 On behalf of myself and CORVA, I think this is a grant application that deserves funding. Education and training is key to avoiding problems with OHV recreation in the future, and this foundation has done a very good job in obtaining matching funds. [Amy Granat, Northern Director, CORVA - 3/22/09]

 The following are my comments for OHV Grant Request, G08-04-04-S02, for the American Desert Foundation.

I feel that this is a very good example of a balanced funding request. Educating OHV users will reduce the problems associated with OHV recreation. The ATV training is needed to fulfill the legal requirements of the California Vehicle Code.

Requesting only 20% of the needed funding and providing the other 80% is OUTSTANDING!

My one question: Is there a background of information showing a need for the AEDs?

Thank you for considering my comments. [Bruce Brazil - 3/7/09]