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The True Turkey Mobile!

Ocotillo Wells SVRA Kubota Oil Recycling Photo

Each year, hundreds of thousands of off-highway vehicle enthusiasts head to Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) to celebrate the Thanksgiving Day with the tradition of deep frying a Thanksgiving turkey.

This year Ocotillo Wells SVRA staff collected the used turkey oil and recycled it to power their retrofitted Kubota RUV 1100 -- the true Turkey Mobile! Park staff drove the Kubota through the Park camping areas for trash pickup and onsite grease collection. The Park collect around 200 gallons of vegetable oil. Staff will continue to collect used vegetable oil throughout the season and anticipate collecting enough oil to operate the Kubota for the year.

Staff distributed information to visitors about the vehicle, grease collection, and how they too can join the Cool Parks movement by purchasing green energy efficient vehicles. A grease recycling center has been placed on Ranger Station Road next to the District Office for all guests who wish to recycle their used vegetable oil.

Additional information about Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems is available at
Ocotillo Wells SVRA Kubota Oil Recycling Photo
Ocotillo Wells SVRA Kubota Oil Recycling Photo