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Quail Canyon Special Event Area / Track

Grooming Notice

The Quail Canyon MX is closed every Wednesday for thorough grooming and repair. The track will be groomed and watered every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Sunday light grooming and watering is scheduled. Track schedule changes subject to Special Event Calendar.

The MX Track has changed direction! The track is now running counter-clockwise. We invite you to come out and ride.

The Quail Canyon Special Event Area is a family-oriented facility offering a broad variety of OHV opportunities including a motocross track, a vintage track, and a pee wee track. The area is open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm except on Wednesdays.

The entrance fee is $5 and provides access to the Quail Canyon Motocross tracks as well as the rest of Hungry Valley SVRA. The facility welcomes riders of various skill levels and types of equipment. Applicable state laws for spark arrestors and sound limitations are enforced.

Visitors camping and riding in Hungry Valley SVRA may access the Quail Canyon Motocross Tracks by using the Quail Pass Trail or Pronghorn Trail.

The Quail Canyon Special Event Area is available for special events. This is a unique opportunity as the features and layout of the tracks can be changed to accommodate differing skill levels and various types of events such as motocross or grand prix events. If you have any questions, or would like to book a special event, please call Dawn Killian at (661) 248-7007 or

If you have questions regarding the Quail Canyon Motocross Track, please call the Track Kiosk at (661) 858-6944.

Hungry Valley SVRA Quail Canyon Track Hungry Valley SVRA Quail Canyon Track

2017 Event Calendar (Track Closures)

Date Riding Areas Events
November 3-8 Quail Canyon Special Event Area/
MX Track
Prospectors Grand Prix

Updated 8/23/17

Hungry Valley SVRA Quail Canyon Track Photo Hungry Valley SVRA Quail Canyon Track Photo