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Wildflowers at Hungry Valley

Hungry Valley Wildflower Report May 15, 2016

Mariposa Lily PhotoThe hills are mostly brown, the flowers are mostly gone, but there are a few late bloomers worth seeing.

There are still some patches of poppies around the park for a hint of orange. The goldenbush is adding splashes of yellow to the landscape and the large yerba santa shrubs have lots of pale purple flowers.

The yuccas are spectacular this year! The scenery at the yucca flats area between Lane Ranch and Aliklik campgrounds is striking with the new flowers mixed in with the old stalks.

There are a few mariposa lilies and prickly poppies blooming, but you will need to watch for them because they are few and far between. The beavertail cactus is also scarce, so keep a watch out for their pink blossoms tucked among the brush.

Please remember that this warm weather is also bringing out the rattlesnakes, so be aware of them when out in the park. Come out soon and catch the last of the flowers!   [5/16/16]

Wildflowers at Hungry Valley

The wildflowers of Tejon Pass are world renown for their color and abundance. In spring, California Poppies, Goldfields, Lupine, Tidy Tips and other flowers turn the grassy hillsides brilliant shades of orange, yellow and purple. During wildflower season, Hungry Valley SVRA has a self-guided tour route that begins at the Visitor Center and is marked by distinctive blue and white flower signs. (Download the PDF version of the wildflower tour map.)

Wildflower Tour Map

The park annually publishes an informative guide to the native wildflowers of the Tejon Pass. This year, the park is offering self-guided tours. The wildflower brochure, along with a map and directions, are available at the entrance kiosk.

For an update on the most current flower conditions, wildflower enthusiasts are encouraged to call the numbers listed below, the district office at (661) 248-7007 or to check this webpage before visiting the park. Admission to the park is $5.