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Lassen County Sheriff's Department

Law Enforcement - G10-03-66-L01: We have several club members who go to this area every summer (Eagle Lake). The recreational OHV opportunities are shrinking each year, which tends to increase “illegal” OHV use. While it is very clear that law enforcement needs to increase it’s personnel and tools in direct proportion to the “illegal” use, what is missing in this grant proposal is addressing the educational need. A brief mention is made of a “pro-active approach in educating (safety) ….. through public contact and partnerships with surrounding agencies.
As the numbers of OHV users increase and the places they can run legally decreases, the need to inform/educate these off road recreationists where and when they can run as well as how to do so safely, becomes critical. Increased policing is only one facet of the process and the grant proposal suggests that public contact /education comes through policing.
There is a great deal of funding being requested here for personnel, training and another OHV, ($17,000? Could a less costly vehicle be acquired? Is this the same sort of vehicle currently being used?) Matching funds are allocated in large part from in lieu dollars, not the true purpose of the program.
Efforts at outreach are appreciated, and I have been told that the Sheriff’s Dept in Lassen County is very visible and largely positive in their contacts with the OHV public.
I respectfully request a more outlined process to educate and further description of the vehicle being purchased with the grant funding. [Diana Mead - 4/4/11]